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Festival Silesian Days, Dolní Lomná


The festival Silesian Days is undoubtedly one of the biggest cultural experiences in the village of Dolni Lomna.
For more than 45 years, the first or the second weekend in September belongs to the festival Silesian Days which takes place at the premises of Ethnographic Complex. This important folkloric event attracts visitors from wide area. Every year, 23 foreign and domestic folklore groups perform on the stages of the Ethnographic Complex. Groups from Slovakia, Poland and other countries are regularly invited. This great feast of folklore is among the most popular of its kind in the Czech Republic. It displays a representative selection of the best in music, dance and costume culture. Every year, the festival has a rich accompanying program.




Czech Republic

Dolní Lomná
Areál Matice slezské
739 91 Dolní Lomná  (See in )



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