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International Folklore Festival 'Dani kosidbe', Kupres


The traditional manifestation held in Kupres “DANI KOSIDBE NA KUPRESU” (Days of Mowing on Kupres) over a period time has established itself as an important and recognizable social and cultural event for the wider region. Today it attracts the attention of thousands of visitors, foremost for its century old heritage held continuously, also due to its massive size, along with its attractive and diverse content, which it thus gives an unofficial stamp of approval for the beginning of the summer tourist season in Kupres and the wider region. The manifestation has safeguarded a special cultural merit “the competition of mowers” in mowing grass with handcrafted scythes, a unique expression of intangible cultural heritage in the region, together with other traditional arts, crafts and sports events tied to the ethnographic nature of the Kupres region. In the last ten years the manifestation has expanded to include an International Festival (accredited with the certificate and stamp of CIOFF®) which has given the whole project an international character and has exposed it to a global level, which as an “Example of good practice” has been rewarded with a high patronage from UNESCO in 2015 and this year 2016.
“Days of Mowing on Kupres” held every year at the end of June and early July.
The main cultural activities, from the programme are:
- Four international concerts, National dances and songs held in; Kupres, Sarajevo and Mostar.
- International round table on the theme of, „Intangible cultural heritage as the basis for the development of tourist and local offer“.
- Century old traditional manifestation "Gallant competition of Mowers" for Junior and Senior categories along with other traditional sporting competitions
- Festival market and presentation of old crafts, from BiH and visiting countries
The Festival this year is organised with the Certificate of CIOFF and with the high patronage of UNESCO.
The organisers expect, as in previous years, the Manifestation to be visited by tens of thousand visitors. A high artistic standard and a quality concert presentation along with an attractive competition of mowers are also expected. The project will encompass over 400 active participants of all ages along with 200 young performers from aboard, artist from three continents (Asia, Europe, and America). Giving the young people of BiH an opportunity to be introduced to the different cultures of the world, and through consorting and introductions can show a part of their own culture and thus contribute to the spreading of the positive picture of BiH to the world.



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