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Rassegna Internazionale del Folklore 'Moles Aeterna' - Moliterno


Moliterno is a 5000-inhabitant town in Basilicata, situated about 200Km south of Naples. It offers a cultural space firmly rooted in its folklore, kept alive by the local high schools and the many youth associations. One of these associations is the “U Cirnucchiu” folk group, which was established in 1966 with the goal of salvaging and valuing the rich, local cultural heritage. Since 1995 the group has organized various cultural exchanges and hosted the “Moles Aeterna” International Folklore Festival, named after the local crenellated tower built by the Lombards (according to many scholars, the town itself was named after this tower). The “Moles Aeterna” Festival is the only one in Basilicata recognized by CIOFF It features at least five folk groups from abroad – both from Europe and from overseas – as well as several Italian groups. The performances of these groups always attract a large audience, even from nearby regions.
Traditional games. During the workshops we will explain traditional folk games, a cultural asset we value and want to protect.
The “Canestrato di Moliterno” cheese festival revolves around the rich local culinary heritage, with its simple and natural flavours that are reminiscent of traditions dating back thousand of years. “Canestrato di Moliterno” is a fine sheep cheese that received the European PGI status for its quality and the specific ripening process.


11.08 - 15.08.2024

Next dates:  11.08 - 15.08.2025



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