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Children's Folk Festival 'Kunovské léto', Kunovice


Children's Folklore Festival was founded in 1994 by the former members of the folk group Kunovjan an effort to create a new tradition, the presentation of children's folklore in the region with live folk movement, which forms the conurbation of Uherské Hradište - Kunovice - Old Town.

It is held annually the third week in June, one week before our most important festival - International Folklore Festival. Is organized by the civic association "Kunovjan" . The festival is aimed only to show children folk groups from Slovakia, from Moravia, Silesia and Bohemia, but after a successful first regional edition, which was attended by local files Handrlácek I, II, III, Handrlacky and kids Kunovice, Hradištánek III and IV Uh out. Fort, Štepnicka of Veseli nad Moravia, Šohajek from Vlcnov, Valasek from Zlin and Olšinky as guests of the Eagles and Jicinácek of Jicin, carried the subtitle festival with international participation, since 2000, is an international festival.

During its existence, it participated in countless children's teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Russia, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Mexico, Turkey, Congo and a number of amateur and professional ensembles, bands and artists.

The festival has gained international recognition. World CIOFF General Assembly adopted in October 2004 by a unanimous decision JIDFF "Kunovice Summer" among members of CIOFF festivals. Granting membership in this organization is a big honor professional, artistic and organizational level folkorního children's festival "Kunovice Summer" and its contribution to the preservation of local traditions of folk culture and to enrich the knowledge of all participants in the traditional culture of countries from which come the festival of foreign participants. It is not only the big prize, but also an obligation for the organizer to maintain its high level in the future.

The song festival is made up of social promotion, social, ceremonial parts, competitions (in choreography, singing, boys in particular expression - in verbunk, sport skills and intellect). Recruiters and talented singers perform also in these programs IFF Strážnice.

The accompanying activities focuses on the popularization of folk crafts and traditional production and presentation of exceptional bearers of traditions and their successors, to which of Uherské Hradište granting price Vladimíra Boucka for the preservation and development of folk art production in Saturday's locust fair. The festival is accompanied by a number of specific programs - concerts, composed programs, competitions, workshops, symposia and private outlets such as publishing anthologies, books, DVDs, videos, CD and MC.

Organizer and guarantor of the festival is the city Kunovice Association, co-organizer and supporter is the hometown of the city of Old Town, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Zlín Region, the European funds, the Rural Renewal Program and the School of the village of Blue Fos Czech Republic, foundations and sponsors.


21.06 - 23.06.2024


Czech Republic

Panská (Sokolské hrište)
686 04 Kunovice  (See in )



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