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International Folklorefestival Westerlo


About our festival

Shortly after the foundation back in 1956, folk art group Die Spelewei vzw organized the first local harvest festival. This event was soon getting bigger and it became the Internationaal Folklorefestival of Westerlo. As such, it is one of the oldest folk dance festivals of Belgium.

In front of the late-19th century castle, the festival is organized every year midst August. Five amateur folk art groups from all over the world take part in this festival to show their culture through traditional dances and music.

Participating dancers and musicians stay in host families. The families became very special for the festival because their hospitality is praised by the participating groups over and over again. In return, these families have a wonderful time with their guests during six days. The visiting groups get a unique chance to experience the Flemish way of life. That is why the folklore festival of Westerlo always is an event never to be forgotten by the participating groups and host families.

Internationaal Folklorefestival Westerlo is a member of CIOFF. This memberships can be seen as quality labels for our festival.

For more information, Please check our website.

Folklore Festival (In English): https://festival.diespelewei.be/in-english

Folklore Festival (In Dutch only) https://festival.diespelewei.be/

Group Die Spelewei: https://www.diespelewei.be/

Website: festival.diespelewei.be


09.08 - 12.08.2025

Next dates:  15.08 - 18.08.2026  / 14.08 - 17.08.2027



Asberg 8
2260 Westerlo  (See in )



+32 473 28 43 57


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