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The international folklore festival "Bogatfest" has held its first edition in 2019 in Bogatic. The goal of the festival is to nurture multiculturalism and show the diversity of beauty of different cultures of peoples from all over the world. The founder of the festival is the Cultural and Educational Center Bogatic and the Folklore Ensemble "Ðido".
The festival is held in a beautiful part of Serbia, a lowland area rich in thermal springs and cultural heritage. Many famous artists and writers were born in this area ...
The first festival was attended by groups from several European countries, as well as groups from other continents. Special attention was paid to the performance of the ensemble of national minorities living in Serbia. The festival also nurtures accompanying programs such as fairs, exhibitions, workshops, as well as the overall presentation of the rich cultural heritage of its region.
About 10 ensembles from several countries are participating in the festival, and the number of visitors in the four days of the festival is about 8,000.
The patron of the festival is the local government and the municipality of Bogatic.


05.08 - 09.08.2024



KOC Bogatic
Mike Vitomirovica 6
15350 Bogatic  (See in )



+381 64 20 579 21

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