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International CIOFF® Festival 'Mediterranean Cultures' - Corfu 2023


International CIOFF® Festival Mediterranean Cultures, is a “flagship” event organized every 4 years, by a country - member of CIOFF® South European Sector. Its main goals are to present the cultures of South European countries and their Mediterranean influences. Through this festival all Sector’s members have the opportunity to cooperate and show their heritage and also countries from other Sector, can participate because of their Mediterranean connection.
The next edition will take place in Corfu island in Greece, from 6 to 10 of September 2023.
Main topics for this edition will be the sea, the sea-lines, the ports, the cultural connections between the Mediterranean peoples and the Mediterranean influences to other cultures and will be presented through Dances, Musics, Costumes, Games, Traditions, Exhibitions and Youth activities.
In 2023 Corfu will be transformed into a center of the Mediterranean, promoting peace through tradition and modernity and showing the singularities and similarities that unite all Mediterranean countries. It will  be a great example for safeguaring and disseminating the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity.
Corfu is a historic island in north-west Greece, in Ionian Sea. The old town of Corfu is listed as World Heritage Site of  UNESCO, and as a greek island is well-known for the hospitality, the traditional foods, the beautifull sites and beaches and of course is a place with many influences from other cultures that are visible on the buildings, the foods, the history and Corfu's way of life.



06.09 - 10.09.2023



Corfu Greece
Cultural Association Sinies Corfu
Sinies Corfu
49100 Corfu  (See in )



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