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TSAREVETS Folklore Festival “Folklore wellspring”


Folklore Festival “Folklore wellspring” takes place every year in August, in the village of Tsarevets near the town of Svishtov, located in Central North Bulgaria on the shore of Danube river. "Folklore wellspring" is among the largest folklore festivals in Bulgaria. The main aim of the festival is to keep and popularize the Bulgarian traditions, as well as to present the folklore of other peoples. Over the years, have been participated folk groups from Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, France, Russia, Costa Rica, Georgia and others. The audience accepts very cordially all performers and enjoys their songs, music and dances.
Welcome to the Folklore Festival “Folklore wellspring”!


01.08 - 04.08.2019

Next dates:  06.08 - 09.08.2020  / 05.08 - 08.08.2021  / 04.08 - 07.08.2022



Village of Tsarevets
NCh "Svetlina - Tsarevets 1927"
5250 Svishtov  (See in )



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