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'RAZIGRANA MLADOST'children festival - Nova Pazova


International Children's Folklore Festival „Razigrana Mladost“ has been held since 2006. The organizer of this Festival is Cultural Artistic Society „Mladost“ from Nova Pazova.
The Festival is held every year in the second half of may. It is for children under the age of 15.
We are proud that in previous years we hosted over 90 children's ensembles from Serbia and abroad.
The Festival is not of a competitive character, but aims to bring together children from different parts of the world, and children are small ambassadors of their cultural heritage.
The aim of The Festival is, above all, that children who have worked hard get chance to show their skills and also in this way we preserve from oblivion customs, music, song and dance of our and other nations.
This Festival is a great and important event, and we are proud to say that The Festival has become a recognizable cultural event.


20.06 - 23.06.2024



Nova Pazova
Cara Dusana 3
22330 Nova Pazova  (See in )





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