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International folk festival “The Wreath of Vršac”

The International Folk Festival “The Wreath of Vršac” began in 1993, with the intention to, like many famous world festivals, preserve and cherish the most valuable things in the rich history of folk songs and dances. In essence, this folk review has the intention to present the best achievements of the international folk scene to the expert critics, as well as to the wide audience. From the very beginning, the International Folk Festival “The Wreath of Vršac” has been following the defined programme conception. The artistic stylization of the stage folklore, as a kind of addition to the original folk structure, is performed at the Festival on stage by numerous amateur ensembles and is a special challenge for all the people who cherish traditional values of their nations through music and dance.
During the Festival, the review and accompanying programme offer a number of interesting events, such as: concerts, exhibitions, ethnology lectures, ethno fair, learning of traditional Serbian dances. Almost 500 ensembles from the whole world participated at the nineteen previous Festivals.The scientific meetings during the festivals have brought together more than fifty most eminent ethnologists, ethnomusicologists and choreographers from Serbia and from abroad.
The festival is held annually the second week of July.


08.07 - 11.07.2024



Sterijina 62
26300 Vršac  (See in )




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