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International Folklore Festival 'Floare de pe Baragan'


International Folklore Festival ''Baragan’s Flower''
The International Folklore Festival “Baragan`s Flower” is being organized by The County Center For Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Ialomita.
The festival is being held each summer in Slobozia and some other towns of Ialomita, during 4 days. To participate you need an official invitation from the organizers, received after being chosen from all the offers of the various folk ensembles and groups throughout the world.
Trough song, dance and folk art, the festival promotes each nation's beauty and uniqueness, in context of globalization and keeping the social and cultural identity. Cultural exchanges have and will be contributing to human knowledge, strengthening friendships and enriching the cultural horizon of the participants.
This event represents a true celebration of folk song and dance, showing off the originality and traditions of so many generations and transmitted trough the art of performing. During the festival, the participants get to visit Ialomita district with its towns and attractions and also with the well known hospitality of its inhabitants.
The International Folklore Festival “Baragan's flower” represents a time of meetings and spiritual exchanges between different nations, traditions and cultures, in the name of friendship and peace.
Organizers will receive the groups in Slobozia town on the day before the official opening of the festival, in the evening. Departure from Slobozia will take place in the first day after the official closing the festival, in the morning.
The Festival Administration will provide full accommodation (including 3 meals daily) and fuel for local transportation (just in Ialomita county, only for performances or festival’s activities) during the festival to all participating groups.
Only adult members of the groups accepted (over 16 years). Each group will pay for their transportation to Slobozia town and back. The ensembles shall secure their insurance in their own account in case of illness or accident (health and travel insurance).
Publicity materials and information kit highlighting the group history and activities with photographs and any performance to be published will be sent one month before the beginning of the Festival.
The organizers of the festival reserve the right to draw up a video and audio records and photographs of all participants during the festival and to use this material further without any constraints for the purpose of archiving and promotion of the festival.
The groups will perform artistic programs on: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, and 1 hour with live music (no playback).


04.08 - 08.08.2024



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