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Võru Folklore Festival


Since 1994 every year in July hundreds of dancers, musicians and singers from Estonia and all over the world come together in Võru and give us a chance to experience the folklore of different countries.
Colourful concerts and dance parties, accordion playing competition, workshops, street dancing, songs about the eve on the beach of lake Tamula, concerts of young folk musicians, midnight movies, art and handicraft fair – all of this makes up the Võru Folklore Festival.
Our mission is to promote folk dancing and the culture of folkdance festivals in Estonia and as the biggest folkdance festival in southern Estonia to carry on the tradition of folk dancing. We also aim to vivify everything that carries on the old traditions of our town, county and historical Võru region. Võru Folklore Festival has a big part in keeping alive the tradition of Estonian Song Festival that belongs to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List.


10.07 - 14.07.2024

Next dates:  09.07 - 13.07.2025  / 08.07 - 12.07.2026  / 2027



Jüri 12
65620 Võru  (See in )



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