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International Folklore Festival Cantecele Muntilor


„Songs of the Mountains” International Folklore Festival

Sibiu, the residence town of Sibiu county, situated at the foot of Cibin Mountains, with a population of over 150.000 residents, a strong economic, scientific, cultural and tourist centre is the host of THE INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE FESTIVAL ”CÂNTECELE MUNTILOR” / “SONGS OF MONTAINS”, the 47th edition, 2022.
A special acknowledgement of Sibiu’s worth was its election as EUROPEAN CULTURAL CAPITAL 2007, together with the Grand Ducat of Luxemburg, and the title EUROPEAN REGION OF GASTRONOMY, held in 2019, by Sibiu, together with the South Aegean Region.
The folklore festival SONGS OF THE MOUNTAINS was included in the agenda of the spectacular cultural events that took place in Sibiu in 2007.
The festival turns into account the traditions of various communities, from Romania and abroad, and acknowledges unity in the spirit of cultural diversity. The festival invites people of all age and social status to enjoy folklore, to take part in manifestations that preserve and promote traditional culture.
Among the events of the festival we name: folk parades, performances, workshops, culinary art evenings etc.
The „Songs of the Mountains” International Folk Festival gained notoriousness among folklore friends and a special place in the hearts of the Sibiu inhabitants. Within the context of the European integration, the festival contributes to the promotion of Romanian and foreign communitie’s traditions, approaching unity in the spirit of cultural diversity.

The 47th edition of the International Folklore Festival "The Songs of the mountains" will take place between 04 - 08 August 2022.

“Cindrelul - Junii” Centre for Preservation and Promotion of Folk Culture
in Sibiu County
Manager: Silvia Macrea

Address: Tudor Arghezi Street, No. 13, Postal code 550010, Sibiu – Romania
E-mail: contact@traditiisibiene.ro; contact@juniisibiului.ro
Website: www.traditiisibiene.ro; www.juniisibiului.ro
Phone /Fax number: +40269 210945
Facebook: Centrul Creatiei Junii Sibiu


02.08 - 06.08.2023



“Cindrelul - Junii” Centre for Preservation and Promotion of Folk Culture
Tudor Arghezii nr 13
550010 sibu  (See in )



+40-269-210 945  +40-269-210945


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