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The Subotica-based Népkör Hungarian Cultural Centre is the oldest, continuously operating cultural organisation in Vojvodina. It was established on 15 October 1871. At present, Népkör has about 700 members active in the following groups: folklore group (folk dance, folk music and folk songs), Sándor Oláh Painting Group, school of drawing, decorating art group, drama group for children and adults and the Aranykapu (Golden Gate) Playhouse. Owing to its versatile and high quality activities, Népkör was awarded the Pro Urbe Award in 2002, which is the highest social award in the city of Subotica, while in 2011 the center was granted the For Minrities Award by the Prime Minister of Hungary. Népkör has been the proud guardian of traditions for 145 years.

Népkör Hungarian Cultural Center (Subotica), Summerfest from Százhalombatta and the local government of Subotica have jointly been organizing Interetno Festival each year in August since 2002. Culture, tradition, cultural values. These are the three core concepts of this festival, which is one of the largest traditional events in the Vojvodina Province. From the beginnings, the ever evolving festival tries to emphasize the importance of folklore and folk art through dance groups and bands who perform folk music and folk dance at very high standards.

Subotica is placed in Serbia, in the north of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, in the Northern Backa District. Subotica, the city with seven gates can also be called a Little Europe. The city where more than one culture prevails, the city where several ethnic groups live their everyday lives simultaneously. It is the capital of Art Nouveau, also the largest village in Europe and the home of 150 thousand inhabitants. Subotica is a strange place. Those who visit the city yearn to come back, because the things they can see, feel and experience here serve as a valuable memory they carry on into the world. There is no other city which could show the spirit of Interetno Festival better than Subotica, as it creates the values of the modern world, understanding and solidarity. The 76 meter high Town Hall each year proudly proclaims that the world comes to Subotica.


21.08 - 24.08.2024



Kossuth Lajos 4
24000 Subotica  (See in )



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