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International Folklore Festival Kashubian Meetings with the Folklore of World


Every year, in the last week of July in the southern part of Kashubia, in the towns of Brusy, Czersk, Koscierzyna, Wdzydze and Many, the International Film Festival "Kashubian Meetings with Folklore of the World" is held.
The festival begins on Wednesday with a colorful procession on the streets of Wiela, followed by the INAUGURATION CONCERT. For the next few days, ie from Thursday to Saturday, guests from abroad and the hosts perform simultaneously on five stages in the Chojnicki and Koscierzyna poviats. Undoubtedly, it is a great opportunity to admire the culture from different places around the globe, and at the same time to present and advertise our native folklore.
Every year, 14 folklore groups from 7 countries (in 2022) from Croatia, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland take part in the festival. During the festival, Kashubian folklore is presented by Kashubian folklore groups: Blawatki from Chojnice, Kashubian Notes from Nowy Klincza, Kaszuby from Wiela and Karsin, the Koscierzyna Song and Dance Ensemble from Koscierzyna, the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Chojnice Region Kaszuba from Chojnice, the Ziemia Czerska Ensemble from Czerska. Krëbane Songs and Dances from Brusy, including the following groups: Krëbane, Mlodzi Krëbane, Dzôtczi, Pelki, Gwizdze, Krebanulczi and Male Krebanulczi.
The festival ends on Sunday with the FINAL CONCERT 2 in Brusy. It is preceded by an ecumenical Holy Mass in the church of All Saints in Brusy and a ceremonial parade of all participants in the procession through the streets of the city.
Accompanying events are held during the Festival. Fans of folk art and Kashubian culture can meet during the ZABORS 'Fair, where you can see a variety of fairs and demonstrations of folk art and cuisine. Participants can visit the Józef Chelmowski open-air museum and Chata Kaszubska in Brusy Jagliach, where you can see sculptures created during sculptural plein-airs. Everyone will find something for themselves if they take part in this extraordinary event of all Kashubians.

The Festival has been recognized as a CIOFF® Recognized International Festival.


23.07 - 28.07.2024

Next dates:  22.07 - 27.07.2025  / 21.07 - 26.07.2026



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