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International Folklore Festival 'Inter Folk Fest Bosiljkovanje' Derventa


Inter folk fest Bosiljkovanje is a festival that takes place in Derventa and neighboring towns, and the organizer of the festival is the Cultural and artistic society of Youth Bosiljak Derventa. The festival has different contents and participants that enrich this festival. More than two hundred folklore groups from various countries of the world have participated in this festival so far. The age of the festival-goer is over 16. Inter folk festival Bosiljkovanje Derventa is the most famous festival with the longest standing both in Republika Srpska and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


16.10 - 21.10.2024

Next dates:  15.10 - 20.10.2025  / 14.10 - 19.10.2026


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Svetog Save bb
74 400 Derventa  (See in )



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