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Festival Internazionale del Folklore 'Incontro di Cultura Popolare' - Macerata


Since 1993, the first edition of the International Folklore Festival - Meeting of Popular Culture, the folkloristic festival of the city of Macerata has acquired more and more importance every year at regional, national and international level, thanks to the support of the various municipal administrations and to all members of the present, of the past and the future of the organizing group "Li Pistacoppi".
Macerata is a charming town, one of the capitals of the Marche region, known for its marked propensity and interest in the cultural sphere in all its aspects, for this reason the most important day of the Festival has as its location, the impressive Arena Sferisterio, known worldwide for the Opera Lirica, which however in recent years has also acquired a value, in some respects, more popular and close to the people, offering at the same time a high-level show in a magnificent setting.
Due to its itinerant nature, the festival every evening brings the participating delegations to know a different location, from the Macerata inland to the Marche coast. All with the intention of letting our guests know about our territory, as well as presenting the different cultures of the groups participating in an ever-wider indigenous audience.
The beginning is fixed for August 17th and the final date is that of 23rd. As already mentioned, the main event, usually on August 20th, takes place in the Arena Sferisterio, while another event to mention is that that since some years now has been taking place in one of the city's squares which for the occasion hosts the “Party in the square” with all the citizens and members of the invited groups who have the opportunity to socialize in first person through the typical dances and songs, without that distance fictitious that a stage can represent.
On Sunday the traditional Eucharistic ceremony takes place, with the participation of all the groups in costume that animate the solemn Mass, singing their traditional religious hymns. With this ritual we intend to emphasize the unity of peoples that our festival has always sought: although our religion may be different, we all gather in faith.
In conclusion, a festival in which the different cultures of the groups and participants come into contact with our traditions, in a sort of exchange, precisely a MEETING OF POPULAR CULTURE.


17.08 - 23.08.2024

Next dates:  17.08 - 23.08.2025



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