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36° Festival Internacional de Folclore de Caruaru



It is an event 36 years meets every group presentations of folk, national and international dances, contributes to the strengthening of the economy, tourism and the State of Pernambuco culture.

With presentations on special stage throughout the day held several activities like poetic Athenaeum, craft workshops, dance workshop, exhibition and sale of national and international crafts, folklore program in education and opening parade of the festival, lectures where debate the importance of the preservation of popular and traditional culture as a means of social inclusion.

Economically invests in new forms of development, combined with sustainability as a guarantee of conservation of cultural property and income generation.

The International Folklore Festival Caruaru consists of group presentations of authentic folk dances and elaborate national and international, as well as activities: Business Fair of Crafts Pernambuco. Folklore in Education. Workshops. Athenaeum Poetic. Cultural Seminar.


Since 1972, parallel to Caruaru International Folklore Festival is held Tradeshow of Pernambuco Crafts. With the assembly of stands, you can show the general public the production of local artisans, national and international. Contributing to the creation of new business opportunities, consumption of cultural goods, creating temporary and permanent jobs in the city and the region, as well as promoting leisure, culture and tourism.

The craftsman has the opportunity to show your product in the best showcase of Brazilian handicrafts, which offers the best prospects for the business sector.

It offers courses and lectures with several craft production techniques.


Educational activity with the public schools and private schools, combining presentations to debates, discussions and workshops with students. With the participation of folk dance groups.

Offers children and youth the opportunity to experience new cultures, leading to a deepening of aspects of geography, history, economy and folklore of countries and states present at the event.

Development of the themes in the classroom and participation in the event, through research, dance performances, reading in "Playing with Art" activity, with history counters. Work done with art educators who use based on the children's literature and literature of twine.


The existence of training workshops during the course of the festival encourages the formation of new groups, awakening in the community the taste for folklore, knowing, appreciating and experiencing themes of our culture in its various manifestations.

The opportunity to exchange between choreographers, teachers, instructors, students, technicians, tradition area scholars, folklore, crafts and tourism, is very important for the socialization of knowledge at regional and state level.

Popular and Folk Dances.
Crafts With recycling.
Making Musical Instruments.
Environmental education strategies. The Environment and You.
Survey of Environmental Aspects and Impacts.


Theme: Intangible Heritage and Traditional Culture.

1. Discuss with students of folklore the best ways to preserve the cultural identity of peoples and nations;
2. To promote the respect and appreciation of the culture of the peoples and its cultural traditions;
3. To foster the exchange of experiences and information;
4. Define guidelines and strategic actions.


It aims to enhance and disseminate the popular poetry, showing the importance of reading in the presentation of talented guitarists, emboladores, cordelistas, singers and reciters.
In diverse genres of popular literature originally in our country, rescued the simple roots of our cultural wealth and are the guardians legitimate representatives of all our folk poetry.
Popular artists develop in their presentations demonstrating the admirable and infinite creative power of our people.

"CIOFF® BRAZIL works for the preservation and dissemination of traditional arts and the national folklore"

The International Festival of Folklore Caruaru is offered for free to the entire population.

Pre inscription - https://forms.gle/1yPVsw79yjcGdVkx8


07.12 - 14.12.2024



Rua José Veríssimo,100
55014-250 Caruaru  (See in )




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