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MALESHEVO IFF 'Maleshevo sings and dances - Mikrevo'


The magic called “Maleshevo sings and dances”

In all the years – from its establishment until today “Maleshevo sings and dances” conserves and promotes the folk heritage not only in Maleshevo and Bulgaria, but also in the Balkans, Europe and the world. Created with the aim to preserve the traditional culture and the Balkan nations` foklor models, this festival expands its borders every year and meets more and more folklor ambassadors from different part of the world.
The festival “Maleshevo sings and dances” have a competitive character and is organized for the first time it 2004.
Ever since its first edition it becomes an international forum of singing, dancing and instrumental art of the nations for authentic and processed folklore. The festival involved over 800 performers from Southwestern Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, The Republic of Serbia and Montenegro.
The successful start is confirmed the next year – 2005, when the issue involved more than 1200 amateurs from Bulgaria and over 300 from Macedonia, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey and Georgia. The festival is under the patronage of the Minister of Culture – Stefan Danailov. There are representatives from municipalities: Berovo, Kochani, Radovish, Novo selo, Vasilevo from the Repulic ot Macedonia; Elefteron and Kria Vrisi from Greece; Nova pazova from Serbia and Montenegro; grups from Turkey and Georgia.
The third edition is organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov, under the motto “Maleshevo sings and dances – Europe without limits”. On 13, 14 and 15 of October 2006, the scene of the village of Mikrevo is filled again with 2300 ambassadors of the beauty from the country, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Kosovo, demonstrating the richness and diversity of the folklore.
From 12 to 14 of October 2007, the fourth edition of “Maleshevo sings and dances” is organized, and the numerous audience of the Mikrevo`s square enjoys the beauty of the traditions, songs and customs, dances and costumes of more than 3000 participants from different parts of the country and abroad – Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia and Kosovo.
There are even better and stronger editions of the festival in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. On the stage of the little village in Maleshevo thousands of ambassadors of authentic and processed folklore show the beauty of their nations, preserved through the ages in song, melody and dance.
“Maleshevo sings and dances” establishes itself as an authoritative international forum of eternal folk art, called folklore.
It is a bridge of friendship overcame the limits with song, dance, magic saved in the hearts of thousands of performers.

Emil Iliev
Mayor of Strumyani

Fidanka Koteva


12.10 - 13.10.2024

Next dates:  09.10 - 12.10.2025  / 08.10 - 11.10.2026  / 07.10 - 10.10.2027



Mikrevo, Strumyani Municipality
Municipal Administration, Strumyani 2825, 1,7th April Street, Strumyani Municipality, region of Blagoevgrad
2825 Strumyani  (See in )



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