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National Folklore Festival 'Rujanski susreti'


Days of cultural heritage Rujanski susreti (The September meeting) is an event that protects, preserves, promotes and expands the traditional culture of Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
mainly through the genres of expression such as dance music, games, customs, handicraft skills and a variety of other activities. The festival lasts for four days, and the main goal is the presentation of the annual work of Croatian associations in BiH to preserve cultural heritage. The event is of international importance because it involved companies from at list 3 states abroad, thus promoting peace and friendship among the peoples and their states.
Standing programs of the event are:
- Concert of tambura bands “When you hear the tamburitza ...”
- Exhibition of photographs representing the folk customs
- Festival of authentic folklore: a parade, stage a, exhibitions of traditional crafts and traditional kitchen, round table.


30.08 - 02.09.2018

Next dates:  05.09 - 08.09.2019


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Novi Travnik
Kralja Tvrtka b.b.
72 290 Novi Travnik  (See in )



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