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4ª International Folklore Festival Cariri


The 4º International Folklore Festival Cariri - CIOFF® - Brazil is a realization of the pontoon on Culture Cultural Cariri Territory - Lay University of Labour of Paraíba and Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Forum of Culture and Tourism of Cariri, Group the Cariris and Culture Point Cariris Dance and Life SEBRAE , Government of Paraíba State , Municipal and promotion of CIOFF® Brazil - Popular Culture Center Luisa Maciel . The period from 04 to 18 Octobre 2015. The festival will host Folklore Groups and Folklore Projection , Craftsmen and Masters of Culture for 15 days in the cities of Taperoá , Assunção , Livramento , Patos , Salgadinho , Boa Vista , Monteiro , Campina Grande , Cabaceiras and João Pessoa .

The presentations will be held in public places targeted to public school students and the people of Paraiba, in order to promote democratization , access to culture , the opportunity to exchange with the culture of other countries and the appreciation of Culture Cariri in State of Paraiba . Through presentations of dances and craft exhibitions that will take place during the Festival , will foster social inclusion through culture , preserving the popular and traditional culture .

Will be held in parallel to 4º International Handicrafts Fair Cariri , Folklore School , and "Living Cultural " with visits to the home of the Masters .

The Festival is an action that consolidates the management of a shared and collaborative Public Policy that promotes access to culture , when civil society organizations joins the municipalities , institutions to bring the Cariri and other regions of Paraiba .

The partnership with CIOFF® and Popular Culture Center Luisa Maciel is a landmark for culture Cariri is international recognition of cultural values in our people, consolidating new stage for sustainable development in Cariri Paraiba .

In previous editions in 2012 and 2013 the International Folklore Festival Cariri received an average audience of 30.000 people, with presentations and workshops benefiting more than 30 schools in the public system . We promote also during the festival of the exchange groups with youth in social risk when the number of more than 300 young volunteers who have dedicated themselves to receive and care for visitors groups.




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