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Internationaal Folkloristisch Oogstfeest De Pikkeling


The PIKKELING -FESTIVAL is a yearly organized folklore event, in which proximally 5 foreign groups (about 150 participants) and a few Flemish/Belgium folklore groups participate.

The festival is organized by V.V.V De Faluintjesstreek V.Z.W. It was founded in 1969.
V.V.V. De Faluintjesstreek V.Z.W. is a member of CIOFF (international organization of folklore festivals) and IOV.

The V.V.V. De Faluintjesstreek -organization consists of a Board and a lot of of Committees instance the Hosting Committee.
The Hosting Committee takes care of the lodgings of the groups; they stay with host families in the villages Baardegem, Herdersem, Meldert, Moorsel (the Faluntjesgemeenten) and some villages in the aria.

The V.V.V. De Faluintjesstreek V.Z.W. has about 80 host families; generally 2 members of a group stay with 1 host family. The host families offer their guests their spare bedrooms, the meals, drinks, etc. ;
The guests are considered to be members of the family during the PIKKELING week.
The host families cooperate with V.V.V. De Faluintjesstreek V.Z.W. voluntarily (freely); they are not being paid for their services!!

The Hosting Committee + Interpreters take care of the escort of the groups during the PIKKELING week; They speak at least English; many of them French, Spanish or German. Interpreters assist if necessary.

Audience: Yearly some 20.000 people from all over the country (and abroad: Holland) come and watch the shows at the Faluintjesgemeenten. One of the reasons of the great interest is the free entry price of the festival.


22.07 - 29.07.2020

Next dates:  21.07 - 28.07.2021  / 27.07 - 03.08.2022






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