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Festival 'del Sud Pontino'


Minturno, a small medieval town facing the Tirreno sea, about 150 km. far from Rome and 80 km. far from Naples, isa historical town of great cultural interest surrounded by monuments such as: the rediscovered Italic town ofMinturnae on the banks of the river Garigliano with its Roman Theatre which echoes the comedies of Plauto andAristofane; the Baronial Castle which dates back to 1000 A.D.; the beautiful Saint Peter's Cathedral which hasthree aisles and paintings dating to the seventh century. The town has numerous alleys from which one can catch aglimpse of the long, gol- den beaches which stretch for 7 km from Monte d'Oro to Monte d'Argento.The South Pontino Festival is held yearly with the contribution of the Local, Regional and Provincial Authorities.The aims of the Festival are to improve people's knowledge about traditional and national customs of differentcommunities, and promote friendship among countries. The venue begins with an official opening ionticel andduring the Festival period there are parades with songs and dancing, evening performances and concerts, religionsservices and guided tours: the whole comes to an end on the last day with a clo- sing ceremony.


04.08 - 09.08.2020

Next dates:  03.08 - 08.08.2021  / 02.08 - 07.08.2022



Associazione Folklorica Minturno
Via Monticelli 15
04026 Minturno (LT)  (See in )



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