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'Gencsi Söpru' Regional Folkdance Festival -Gencsapáti


Regional traditional folkdance festival in Gencsapáti
Our traditional folkdance festival called "Gencsi Söpru" going to adult age soon, because in 2013 it was organized 17th times. Originally it was a folkdance meeting until 1997, but then it became a county festival called "Gencsi Söpru", and it is held continuously since then on Pentecost Sunday every year. From 2000 we opened this festival regionally, and since then it can be a regional festival.
Our partners:
We cooperate with Muharay Elemér Folk Art Association, the Association of Folk Festivals, the Institute of Hungarian Nationality Culture(Lendva, Slovenia), the Association of west -Hungarian Folkdance, local council in Gencsapáti and all of civil forums and institutes of Gencsapáti.
For this festival we invite every year all folk groups from Vas county, groups from our neighbours region "Rábaköz", and the Hungarian groups from Austria and Slovenia.
Our "Vincze Ferenc" traditionally folk dance competition is held every two years, next time in 2014.




Gencsapáti Culture House and Libary
Szentegyház u. 5.
9721 Gencsapáti  (See in )



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