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Funchal Folk – Arraial do Mundo


In August, 2011, MonteVerde Folklore Group organized its first folklore festival, the International Gala of Ethnography and Folklore Manuel Ferreira Pio, with the theme “The Costume”.
Over the following years, MonteVerde continues to organize this event and brings to Madeira Island a wide variety of national and international folklore groups, from Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Colombia, Paraguay, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Mexico, Poland, France, Estonia and Latvia.
On January 15, 2015, the MonteVerde Folklore Group joins CIOFF and in 2017 begins the evaluation process for the International Gala of Ethnography and Folklore Manuel Ferreira Pio to be considered an effective festival of this institution.
2018 is a turning point, as the International Folklore Festival is renamed “Funchal Folk - Arraial do Mundo”. “Arraial do Mundo” aims to reconcile a very expressive expression of ours, reminiscent of the ancient pilgrimages to Our Lady of Monte made by pilgrims from various parishes in Madeira, all moved by the faith and revelry inherited from the primitive settlers. Thus, it was our intention to apply this concept to “Funchal Folk”, as if it were a gathering of the World, with the participation of several countries, with their cultural traits and very peculiar experiences that, in this way, come together in an authentic gathering of party, culture, traditions and human exchange - this on a more global scale.
In 2019, the festival obtains its third and last positive evaluation, thus becoming the 12th CIOFF Festival nationwide and the first one held in Madeira Island.


16.08 - 23.08.2024

Next dates:  15.08 - 22.08.2025  / 14.08 - 21.08.2026



Funchal – Madeira Island
Estrada comandante Camacho de Freitas nº 308
9020-149 Funchal  (See in )



+351 968117230


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