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SILISTRA International Children's Dance Festival 'Tomorrow's Peace begins with today's friendship'


Every year Silistra is the festival center of a prestigious event - the International Children's Dance Festival "Tomorrow's Peace begins with today's friendship".
This is a celebration of sunny children's smiles, the bright color of costumes from different corners of the world, the only language spoken worldwide - the language of music and dance.
The festival is organized by the Municipality of Silistra. It is held under the patronage of the Mayor of the Municipality of Silistra and with the support of the Ministry of Culture.
It started in 1994, as the first International Children's Dance Festival in Bulgaria with the impactive message: "Tomorrow's peace begins with today's friendship."
Many children's dance groups from all over the world - Europe, Asia, America, Africa, have visited Silistra. The history of the festival is extremely rich and preserves original culture, dance and music. Thousands of young participants, viewers and guests get to keep the love of the dance in their hearts for a lifetime, as well as the memory of friendship and the hospitality of the beautiful city of Silistra.
The citizens of Silistra warmly welcome the youngest ambassadors of today's friendship and tomorrow's peace. Every participant, guest and spectator enjoys watching the smiling and beautiful children's faces, beautiful dances and costumes.
The contribution of the festival to the dialogue between young people, cultures and peoples is invaluable.
Every year more than 500 children from 4-5 countries and 10 local dance formations are included in the event.
During the event there is a festival club in the foyer of the Hall of the Municipality of Silistra, where journalists, participants, guests and citizens can get updated information about the festival days. For three consecutive evenings, the audience in Silistra witnesses extremely rich and colorful concerts, presented to us by the "Children of the World".
Accompanying events during the festival are:
- The beginning of the festival - a great parade through the city, featuring all children's groups, guests and hosts of the festival.
- "Dance Workshop" - learning one of the most popular dances from each country, guest at the festival. All children participating in the festival also take part in the workshop. The workshop is held outdoors - in the Danube Park.
- Miss and Mister Festival competition. A celebration of friendship and love, a message for tomorrow's peace. Children write their messages for peace on a piece of paper.
- The official closing of the festival is accompanied by a Final Festival concert with the participation of all groups. All participants dance together to show the dances they learned at the workshop and finish with “horo”. Paper letters with messages for peace are released to fly in the sky, hung on balloons so they can symbolically reach the whole world.
During these festival days, new friendships are being created, and the slogan of the international children's forum "Tomorrow’s peace starts with today’s friendship" is proved in practice.

- Children's dance groups from the country and abroad at the age of 8 to 15 years can participate in the festival.
- The total number of the group / dancers, managers, musicians, drivers and accompanying persons / up to 32 people.

- Creative biography of the group, number of participants / dancers, orchestra, artistic leaders, etc./, date and time of arrival, mode of transport.
- Promotional materials - photos, leaflets, posters, CD and others.

- All groups prepare programs - 3 to 5 minutes / for parade and opening /.
- More than 30 minutes to participate in concert programs.
- 3 - 4 popular dances for the region or the country they are from, for teaching in the dance workshop.
The festival is not of a competitive nature. All participants receive a diploma for participation in the festival and souvenirs.

All participants are accommodated in a hotel. The costs of accommodation and meals in a restaurant during the festival are at the expense of the organizers - Silistra Municipality. Each group bears the cost of travel to Silistra and back.

- Dance workshop /school/
- Parade – preferably with an orchestra accompaniment.
- Theoretical and practical seminars.
- Sightseeing.
- Miss and Mister Festival Competition. The competition is usually held at the swimming pool in Drustar Hotel Complex or in the theater hall. So it is necessary for the participants to wear swimsuits and prepare attractive costumes or typical national ones. Each national couple prepares in advance a message to the children of all nationalities.

The organizers retain the rights of all kinds of documenting, broadcasting and playing the festival, as well as the rights to change the statute.


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