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Bug River Folklore Festival


Folklore Meetings by the „Bug” River is an international festival of tradition and culture. It is one of the biggest and most popular folkloristic events in the “Bug” River region, where the Mazowsze and Podlasie meet.

The dancers, vocalists and musicians from all over the world have come to Sokolów Podlaski since 2002. They have presented characteristic elements of their national and local culture.

A few days of colourful and active performances on stage of Cultural Centre of Sokolów Podlaski and in schools is a joyful time for everyone. Festival is truly an opportunity to celebrate. It is very popular and attractive for a local community.

The Festival has been recognized as a CIOFF® Recognized International Festival.


02.09 - 08.09.2024

Next dates:  01.09 - 07.09.2025  / 31.08 - 06.09.2026



Sokolów Podlaski Cultural Center
Wolnosci 27
08-300  Sokolów Podlaski  (See in )



+ 48 - 25 787 24 38  +48505824400


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