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International Nativity Play Festival - Gencsapáti


It is held in every year on the weekend before Christmas.
In Gencsapáti the folk dance group and the guild of lads from 1994 reproduce the winter holidays habits. These are the nativity habit and the another habit called "regölés". Every year in Advent we can send our good news to 70-80 places. In 2004 our dream came trough when we could organize first time the Nativity International Meeting. From 2004 it is held continuously at square in front of Gencsapáti church in every year. Like last years this year again were invited groups from Transcarpathia to Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and from Hungarian counties: Somogy, Tolna, Rábaköz and of course Vas county. They can present their own nativity habits in Gencsapáti, Szombathely and the cultural houses and churches of our region.
The accompanying programs can assure cultural entertainment for all ages and our cultural groups can introduce before wider audience.


14.12 - 15.12.2019



Gencsapáti Culture House and Libary
Szentegyház u. 5.
9721 Gencsapáti  (See in )



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