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International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts

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Internationales Folklorefestival Hansestadt Wismar


250 dancers and musicians of International Folklorensembles of CIOFF - sections
America, Africa, Europe and Asia and 300 members National dance, traditional costume
and music-groups, orchestras, music-clubs, brass - and marching bands from regions of Germany, meeting here for the International Folklorefestival Hanseatic Town of Wismar.

A colorful program expects the visitors on 5 days with international flair on high artistic level to the care of custom and custom-hood of the cultural heritage of the people into dance, music and chant and the experience of multinational, stranger-friendly meetings in peace, friendship and tolerance with the world-wide artistic contact and exchange with ensembles of the amateur - and occupation-art of the world-wide organization of the CIOFF.




An der Pferdekoppel 24
23968 Wismar-Gägelow  (See in )



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